Explorer COVID-19 Plan

Summer camp is about fun, new friendships and experiences. We’re happy to say that the summer of 2020 will be no different!

Slovenia no longer has an epidemic, and nearly all restrictions have been removed. The rates of new infections are below 3 per day with many days have 0. The municipality where our camps are held has NEVER had a case of Coronavirus!

However, we’re taking the current COVID-19 situation very seriously as our Explorer family’s health and safety is ALWAYS #1.

Taking into account WHO guidelines, along with American Camp Association protocol Explorer Camps has created the Communicable Disease Plan which will ensure our campers will have the summer of their lifetime!

Ammendments will be made once the EU and Slovene governments provide definite regulations that our camps will have to abide to.

Before Camps

Before Camps

A healthy camp begins and ends at home. Explorer Camps teams up with parents to ensure campers are in the best possible condition to come to camp.

It’s important that campers:

1) Are well-rested.

2) Don’t come to camp with symptoms such as cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fever; chills; muscle pain; sore throat; or new loss of taste or smell.

3) Are educated about hand washing techniques.

4) Understand the proper way to cough/sneeze.

5) Know not to share personal belongings while on camp.

6) DO NOT arrive from a country outside the EU due to Slovene mandatory 14 day quarantine on arrival in Slovenia.

7) DO NOT travel through an airport at a high risk country within the 7 days prior to the first day of camp.

8) DO NOT arrive directly from a current COVID-19 ‘high risk’ country

9) Are able to be picked up from camp within 48 hours notice.

10) Arriving from a recently classed ‘high risk’ country complete a Pre Screening form. Parents and child record temperature and presence of symptoms for 14 days prior to camp.

Contact us to learn more.

Opening Day Health Screening

The Opening Day Health Screening is done at the transportation drop off point, or immediately when you bring your child to camp. The information collected helps camp ensure those attending are healthy, and is stored incase any health issues do come up at a later time.

The main points include:

1) Parents fill in the Opening Day Health Screening form BEFORE camp and bring it on the opening day (click on link).

2) Camp Director and Camp Nurse check the form and ask additional general questions about health.

3) Temperature is taken (higher than 37,5°C is classed as a fever).

4) Coughing or shortness of breath and lice is checked.

If the Camp Director deems that a child represents a health risk to other campers the possibilities are that the child.

* Attends camp under immediate isolation.

* Comes later in week without symptoms.

* Transfers to another camp date.

* Cancels completely.

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Opening Day Health Screening
On Camp Strategies

On Camp Strategies

Once on camp it’s important that our campers are reminded of our specific COVID-19 protocol, and that a safe environment is provided.

Some of the key points are:

1) Reminding campers of handwashing, coughing and sneezing techniques.

2) Daily morning individual camper health checks.

3) Small groups (Junior, Tween, Teen) of 10-12 that do all of the activities in these small groups.

4) Regular cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces & equipment

5) Seperate group meals (Junior, Tween, Teen) away from other campers and also members of the public. Increased number of meals outside.

6) Campers sleeping head-to-toe with currently 2 beds per room.

7) Emphasis placed on communicating any health concerns to staff members.

Additional measures will be added once exact regulations and procedures are passed onto the hotel and camps from the Slovene government and EU. 

Contact us to learn more.

On Camp Symptoms

Once a camper displays symptoms of COVID-19 the following steps will be taken:

1) Immediate isolation from other campers and moved to a seperate room.

2) Probable isolation of roommates and others that have been in close contact.

3) Parents notified.

4) Other campers informed of the situation and the need to be viligent about their health.

5) Camper(s) displaying symtoms is monitored for 24 hours in isolation. If symptoms persist or get worse parents are called to take child to the doctor’s.

6) If camper is cleared of COVID-19 by the doctor he/she can return to camp.

7) Child that tests positive for COVID-19 does not return to camp.

8) All remaining campers are regularly screened for symptoms.

Additional regulations and procedures will be added once the Slovene government and EU share them with the hotel and camps. 

Contact us to learn more.

On Camp Symptoms