Two Week Camp

Those strong, loyal bonds that make Explorer Camps special are even stronger for our 2-weekers. They have more actvities to enjoy and be challenged in, more time to form those deep personal connections, more freedom to make their own choices and structire their own program . It’s an experience of a lifetime!

What is so special about the 2 week program for campers?

New Attractions. Greater Experience.

Ljubljana was once voted among the top 3 most beautiful cities in Europe, so our 2 weekers explore Slovenia's stunning capital city. On top of that, we're heading to the world renowned Krizna Caves known for its underground lakes which they'll be rafting down! These trips give our 2 weekers a completely different experience away from the day-to-day running of camps!

Deeper Friendships. Long-lasting memories.

With so many international campers it can sometimes take longer get to to know each other when considering the different cultural backgrounds.  In a week, campers develop a mental connection to camp; in two weeks, a heart connection develops.  Years later, it will be the heart connection that is meaningful and the memory of the friends they made remains.

Greater Choice. Higher Skill Levels.

Instead of 20 afternoon choices, campers have 40+.  With greater choice time, campers can experiment with more sessions; we offer lots of different choices in a 2-week session, unavailable in a 1-week session. They also have the option to specialize in more sessions, and/or go deeper with one or two such as rock climbing, photography, kayaking, cooking, painting ...

Different Programming. Something New. 

The daily program is altered between the first and second week to avoid over repetition, and to ensure that all the campers are experiencing something for the first time. Even though some of the activities are the same, they take different routes and levels of challenge meaning that 2 weekers are continually trying something new. A number of new activities are also added to keep the campers' interest ....

Increased Responsibility. Leadership Qualities.

Having experienced a week of camp already, our 2-weekers are in a position to offer support and guidance to those new campers arriving. They have mentor roles, which involves the 2-weekers actively helping with the day-to-day running of the camps including the Teens potentially running some activities.  As a result they're building key life-skills that are vital when taking on leadership positions.

Personal development. Building Life Skills.

A longer camp experience offers greater social, emotional, cognitive, and character benefits.  You can think of it like the sun and rain with flowers . . . a little definitely helps, but more in the right proportions is better.  Explorer Camps aims to be that nurturing environment where children can flourish and bloom and as a result be more independent and self-confident especially when staying for two full weeks.

Do two weeks sound like the best option for you?